Playing   the   part   of   Ringo   has   taken   Mike   to glamorous     places     like     the     Catskills,     Fort Lauderdale,   Lake   Tahoe,   Atlantic   City   and   Las Vegas.          Now     he     seeks     to     have     similar experiences with his own band; The Hofners. Mike   spent   some   time   working   for   and   with Charles        F.        Rosenay!!!        and        Liverpool Productions.      There,   He   served   as   the   Editor for   Good   Day   Sunshine   Magazine .      Today,   Mike has a column in Octopus’ Garden Fanzine. In   addition   to   the   Beatles   tribute   bands,   Mike has   played   in   an   Elvis   tribute   show,   a   Buddy Holly    show   and   his   own   Credence   Clearwater Revival band .
Mike   Steeto   is   the   leader   of   the   band.      He’s perhaps     the     most     interesting     of     all     The Hofners’   characters.      Mike   first   started   playing drums   at   the   age   of   8.      At   age   13,   he   joined   his first band. it   all   began   for   Mike   in   1965   when   his   aunt took    him    to    see    Help .        From    that    time    on, Mike    was    hooked    on    The    Beatles.        Mike’s Beatle      roots      have      been      an      influence throughout   his   career.      He’s   played   the   part   of Ringo     Starr     in     some     of     the     most     highly acclaimed   Beatles   tribute   bands   including      Fab Forever,    The    Mop    Tops    in    the    Legends    In Concert    show,    Yesterday    and    The    Cast    of Beatlemania.
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