Marty   McGowan   has   been   portraying   John   Lennon   for   more than   twenty   years   in   various   Beatles   tribute   bands   including The   Cast   of   Beatlemania .      When   listening   to   Marty   sing,   it becomes   very   clear   that   Marty   is   about   the   closest   thing   to John   Lennon   as   John   himself.      Marty   plays   guitar,   harmonica, piano   and   sings   all   the   parts   just   as   John   did.      Playing   the part    of    John    Lennon    has    taken    Marty    throughout    the country and around the world. Marty   also   has   an   online   school   for   learning   how   to   “Play The    Beatles    The    Right    Way.”        You    can    visit    his    school    at .               Marty     is     a     talented songwriter   as   well.      He’s   been   writing   songs   for   many,   many years.  His lyrics truly express his life experiences.
Marty McGowan As John Lennon